The plan of assembly of any metal structure, is detailed and formulated by specialist engineers, who will guide the workers from the assembly of the structure until the conclusion of the work


The use of mock-ups serves to create a customized building, planned and designed exclusively from the structure to the smallest detail, in order to obtain a prominent, aesthetically innovative industrial construction.


"Thinking the past to understand the present and idealizing the future" - Herodotus' phrase sums up the purpose of RCC when it idealizes its projects.


 Make a preliminary survey of all materials to be used in each project, allows RCC to better control the entire project as well as total costs of the work, for better management and quality of service.


Our teams are prepared to perform maintenance on all types of equipment in any industry. As a result of the extensive experience of its employees, RCC assumes some maintenance contracts for industrial and manufacturing units in Portugal and in the World.